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Unity Space Transpersonal (USTr.) is a Personal Well-Being and Business Development Organization that fosters balance and growth in peoples’ lives.

Transpersonal means the path one takes with willingness, commitment and dedication in evolving to a person that is beyond mundane and common experiences. Human kind has an immense capability to create and innovate to a greater extent than what we do day-to-day.

Unity Space Transpersonal (USTr.) focuses on three categories to contribute a transformational path through which you can find and fulfil your unique visions and dreams:

Transpersonal Leadership Program
Relationship Awakening Program
Life Mentorship Program

Human kind has slowly and steadily been dissociated from their true nature, the profound and deep relationship and connection with one another and our planet. We are rapidly advancing in technology and science, however we are lacking in emotional and spiritual development that can bring harmony within ourselves and with the new world.

Message by the Founder ~ V. Legakis

Here at UNITY SPACE Transpersonal, we are driven by a single goal; to bring unity, harmony and growth within each individual, in relationships and in communities & businesses. We bring together and integrate high quality of practices from Eastern and Western philosophies within the sectors of the science, psychology, arts, healing, and transpersonal leadership.

Focusing on the eight Transpersonal Disciplines as well as on our four bodies and four aspects of our personality, we bring you to an ever-expansive state of stability, growth and success.


We believe that authentic human connection, sincerity and love for one another is at the root of a unique and wholehearted world. We do experience major shifts in the world and day-to-day activities never feel the same anymore. We need now more than ever to deepen our personal practice for a personal and spiritual growth.

We are excited to launch new transpersonal programs to enrich organizations, individuals and relationships in a new era.  The mission of these programs is to enhance awareness and bring unconscious patterns to consciousness, and in turn to enlighten and empower people to strengthen their personal relationships, career and family bonds.

We have established international synergies with individuals and organizations to find and co-create new avenues for integrating arts and healing into the lives of all people.

Holistic Transpersonal Programs,
online and in retreats, designed for
individuals, relationships and organizations

Strengthen your
organizational culture

  • Highly personalized online, office or retreat programs
  • Deepen the trust and bond amongst your team, colleagues and partners
  • Learn and apply meditation and mediation within your work environment
  • Build empathy, refine discernment and enhance leadership skills

Deepen Your Bond With
Your Partner

  • Connect with your partner in a supportive, transformative and safe space
  • Deepen the connection with each other through movement, dance and energy work
  • Understand boundaries on a deeper level (yes/no) and learn to hold space for each other
  • Become deeply aware and commit to the four key interpersonal values

Get unstuck and find flow
in your life and career

  • Monthly programs customized to what you need at present
  • Uncover your challenges on a deeper level to transform from within
  • Learn and apply key techniques to help you discern to make transformative decisions
  • Develop a mindful state and self-love for offering more to yourself and others

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