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We all feel stuck sometimes, but when that feeling persists that’s when it’s time to take real action. Life mentorship is for anyone who feels stuck in their life, either in professional, mental, emotional or relationship levels.

In most of occasions of our life, we follow pleasant and avoid unpleasant feelings.

However, if we look into the fundamental core origin of where those feeling are from, we will witness that they are not just simple feelings to categorize as good or bad. A pleasant feeling comes from a familiar and agreeable environment and people, some challenges which we can handle, perhaps we don’t call them as challenges either. And on the other hand, the unpleasant feelings are from an untamed and undiscovered place, a place that at times is hard to accept and embrace.

We may face stress, anxiety and fears and feel stuck sometimes. Being unable to get out of our comfort zone leads us to territories of insecurity and lack of confidence. And in such environments we generate more fear and anger that is hard to control and guide. At that challenging times we have duty for integration.

The duty for integration leads us to harness challenging moments and transform unpreferable emotions into preferable, to make each experience a learning process for our complete Individuation.

Through the Life Mentorship Program (LMP) by reawakening our conscious mind to shed light to our unconscious mind, we will look at and work on the four aspects of our personality that comprise who we are: Shadow, Persona, Animus, Anima. It will be a deep work integrating the four bodies Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit through yoga & qigong, mediation & consecration, psychology & healing disciplines as well as by keeping journals and our personal guidance you will be able to reflect and work on a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

On the way to your individuation we will be here for you to take real action for what has been persisted in your life and now needs to change.

This is a holistic program that focuses on all bodies (physical, metal, emotional, and spiritual/karmic). If you face a lack of confidence, commitment, and/or courage to make serious decisions in your life you need to change some behaviours and patterns that are being destructive to the consistency and integration of all four bodies.

This program will allow you to flow with life circumstances by accepting what is happening, facing it and then making the right decision for what you need to do to pass through and come out stronger through all challenges and obstacles.


Anyone who wants to change their life and move forward but isn’t sure what their next step is. Anyone that needs a push to move forward in their life and needs help mapping it out.


After this program you will:

  • Leave with a deep understanding of the cause of your challenges from an energetic, emotional, and karmic viewpoints.
  • Get unstuck in your personal life and/or career by putting into practice key tools and techniques you’ve mastered.
  • Motivate yourself in all levels of your life to find solutions and a vision that will inspire you to pass through any difficulties and challenges.
  • Having ever lasting impact in your personal life and social circle as well as in society, communities and the world (Global Impact).
  • Dedication, Engagement and Courage are key elements in shifting unpreferable energies in our life. Through our encountering you will be able to find the courage that you deserve in your life.
  • A step by step practice that you will be able to integrate in your daily life and have permanent and sustainable changes in your career and relationships.
  • Enhanced mindfulness, self-love, respect and integrity for yourself and others.
  • Be able to discern the right choices for yourself and the courage to make decisions.
  • Radiate with a profound new energy of love and appreciation which will flow over to, and be noticed by, your family, work environment and social circle.



Program Duration and Commitment

Duration of the program can be from 1 to 12 months long, depending on your needs and interests.

We believe that the first month there will be a great transformation in your life – personal and career. It is a good period to create an environment and the behaviour through which you can shift energetic, emotional and psychological patterns for a permanent and sustainable change. At times there could be the need to continue for extra sessions. For this we will discuss and create a suitable program that fits your needs.

Our meetings will be held once every week for 2 hours or twice a week for 1 hour.

We are happy to create a program that suits you best!
~ Time and dates will be scheduled together with you after the first consultation, we are here to support you in a new chapter of your life.

Program Investment

800€ for first month
500€ for each additional month thereafter if you wish to continue.

Payment plan available to be coordinated together with Unity Space.


Do you need some time to evaluate your commitment?

We are happy to offer the option to create a Life Mentorship Program at a time period you feel best for you.
The investment is 100 Euros per hour and we suggest you can allocate an adequate time and space for you to delve deeper in a transformative journey that will change your life for good!

We are happy to discuss with you over a 30 mins free consultation.

Contact us here: transpersonal@unityspace.org

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