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Here at UNITY SPACE Transpersonal (USTr.), we are driven by a single goal; to bring unity, harmony and growth within one another, in relationships, communities and businesses through personal, emotional and spiritual development. USTr., was created to offer a safe and creative environment in which all individuals and organisations can find a new aspect in their life, relationship and career.

We support and advocate teamwork, open-mindedness, collaboration and we built relationships focusing on synergy, compassion and love. These values are fundamental to make a positive impact in our world that currently is transforming; transforming alongside with all of us for being able to align and together grow.


Through our programs, we provide time, space and guidance for integration and unity from within. We work across many disciplines and modalities to co-create and evolve together as a human kind.

Our holistic, interdisciplinary programs and productions integrate Eastern and Western modalities and philosophies to help unite people and cultures within a collective spirit. We have internationally established synergies with individuals and organizations  to find and co-create new avenues for integrating arts and spirituality into the lives of all people. 

UNITY SPACE Tr. was created after the in depth personal and spiritual development of the founder of UNITY SPACE, Vangelis Legakis.

V. Legakis is a self-made entrepreneur himself having over 20 years of experience in the fields of holistic healing, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and performing arts. He has mentored and guided many people in their personal life, relationship and career to find their true purpose and grow in life and career. He has also created and run numerous international Festivals, Projects, Educational Programs and Courses that integrate the arts and science with healing and life. USTr., is all inclusive to all people, cultures, gender and professional backgrounds to unearth the essence of unity and fine-tuned communication throughout human kind.

As part of our transpersonal programs we offer three categories:



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