Why Movement Practices are Integral to Interpersonal Connection and Personal Development

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A movement; an act of moving or a change and/or a development. Isn’t it interesting that already the connotation of movement has as its intrinsic attribute a change and/or development? Perhaps then we could speak about development practices or practices of change! In a sense there is hard to imagine a container or a space or an organism without any movement at all; perhaps a vacuum could be such a place and in terms of an organism there isn’t such notion of no movement, thus a notion of no development or change.

Buddhist philosophy speaks clearly about one of their laws IMPERMANENCE about the fact that everything changes and will change. It is interesting, if not bizarre, when people, especially within a relationship or a work environment, they don’t want to change or let someone change them. If we do accept and embrace that change will happen, in one way or another, perhaps then we can relax on this persept and focus on what we learn from that change. Whether the change occurs in our physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual bodies, it is a change that will show us two things

  1. A favourable change will allow us easily to accept it and move forwards in our life
  2. An unfavourable change will create a greater questioning and a challenge to whether we accept it or not

Some friction in the second instance perhaps is needed at times to allow us to think, and feel somehow differently from what we have used to. From the second possibility, if we do accept that change and learn something that eventually is favourable and productive, we keep it and embrace it now as a part of ourselves, what an embodied state is. If on the other hand, we are not taking positive and productive outcomes from that change, we change it again then! I have to say however, that sometimes takes a bit more time than normal to witness what truly one learns from an unfavourable experience.

Change and Development! Can we then create a practice, a movement practice, that in turn enhances our communication with our relationships, family, colleagues and of course with our own self? For centuries there are major movement practices, such as yoga and qigong, that focus not only on just movement, but also on all four bodies of the human organism. Nowadays we also have diverse movement practices that promote great development in our life, relationships as well as work environments. Dance is one of those practices, especially a dance practice that is open to and inclusive in integrating yoga, qigong, meditation and healing.

Perhaps dance is not only about entertainment or a spectacle that we see for short while and then we forget. Dance is something to practice at any stage of our lives, of course by practicing specific dance styles that are more aligned in our lives. Dance and healing as an integrative practice is an experience that can change lives in personal, relationship and community levels.


Our Transpersonal Programs integrate movement for creating Transformation, Personal Development and a fine-tuned Interpersonal Connection in your life!



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