What is a Transpersonal Leader?

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Welcome to our topic “What is a Transpersonal Leader”.

Transpersonal as we know it, “means the path one takes with willingness, commitment and dedication in evolving to a person that is beyond mundane and common experiences”. Transpersonal denotes or relates to states of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity. Identity is a social construct and is taking in account how much a personality is being sculpted by society’s norms, regulations, belief systems and values. This partakes a great understanding of our intrinsic interrelationship of the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual bodies, as we saw at the four bodies.

A Leader is someone who can see how things can be improved either in an individual level, organisational, communal or even a world level. It is vital for a leader to be a good listener, empathetic and compassionate, as well as to have the capacity to connect with all the people in their team so as, with a refined leadership, to lead the team to achieve what the organisation’s vision is.

Leadership is in fact a process of influencing one another within the team, it is a process of listening and guiding. This process is accountable for producing more favourable results and achieve the organisation’s goals. It is important to express that the influence comes from a place of care, compassion and understanding, and not from a place of authority and power.


The Transpersonal Leader we foster through our program is the Expander and the Space Holder and has a vision to contribute for the greater good of humanity to an individual, community and global levels. This is neither limiting to any profession and discipline nor any cultural or ethnic backgrounds. It embraces initiatives that allow personal growth and development in the work, family, community and the world.

Such an expansive state of mind encompasses not only the vision of the organisation itself, but moreover how the vision of the organisation has impact in global scale.

The transpersonal leader is the one who can foresee the reciprocity and interaction of the past, present and future facts without losing the essence of the NOW. Taking in account periods and facts can be proactive and lead a team efficiently and courageously. A great deal for achieving this, on one hand, is to enhance awareness, perception and discernment in risk taking; on the other hand by enhancing such abilities there are several shifts and changes within the organisation and team members that need attention. Through diverse stimuli that people project to one another within the team, there can be severe psychological and emotional implications, which in effect, prevent the desirable flow and expansion of the organisation. Between an appropriate use of Space Holding, and a discerned decision making, the team is being led without feeling that someone leads them.

A transpersonal leader is not someone who manages things well. A leader is an inspiring visionary who manifests their vision by taking in account the well-being and benefit of all people involved as well as creating and co-creating stronger bonds within the team and partners. The Transpersonal Leader has the ability to hold space from a Heart-Centred Space and a Heightened-Mental State for integrating reasoning (MIND) with sensitivity (HEART). A major hallmark in our spiritual growth is to create a fine-tuned communication and union of the mind and heart. In Qi Gong we usually say “to think with the heart and feel with the mind”, thus to bring a greater harmony, understanding and growth in all what we do in life.

Sometimes a feeling as if we are blind arises. Being deprived by our main sense of orientation and environment-decoding receptors, we bring forth intuition and a spiritual growth to even lead in moments of ‘darkness’.



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